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King King Bury St Edmunds Apex

(featuring King King, Jamie Porter Band)

Venue: Bury St Edmunds The Apex Arts Centre

Throughout the music industry King King is a name synonymous with, not only great music and outstanding musicianship, but with, and perhaps even more importantly, having a damn good time every time. 
When irrepressible leader Alan Nimmo walks out on stage wearing his now trademark kilt, fists in the air and a smile as wide and resplendent as Glasgow’s River Clyde itself there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that they are in for one of the best nights of their life - and that’s before the music has even started!
King King have never been a band content to simply ride the crest of their self made wave but instead have continued to work tirelessly to make that wave even bigger, stronger and ultimately better. 
Alan Nimmo is incapable of just sitting back when everything is going well and the accolades are flooding in. Absolutely not. He wants to take that level of excellence already achieved and turn it up a notch with every performance and every new release to try and become the best that he and his band can possibly be. And judging by public  response he is most definitely succeeding. 
After 2 long years which saw the music business on its knees, King King have not only survived but have come back with a new line up and an extra edge that is the envy of many of their peers. 
The addition of Alan’s brother Stevie on second guitar and vocals has added a breath of fresh air and a new dimension to the band. Something Alan had been looking for for quite some time. 
Added to the already stunning line up of Jonny Dyke (keys), and fellow Scots Andrew Scott (drums) and Zander Greenshields (bass), the mighty King King is sounding arguably the best it ever has. 
A string of sold out performances on their latest tours is testament to just that. 
Alan Nimmo has been in the music business for many years now - more than he can care to remember - but one thing has never changed. His desire to make honest, real music which comes from deep down within the soul.
It may well have been high profile support slots with the likes of John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Thunder and Europe which opened King King’s music up to a much wider audience. But it was pure talent and hard work which got them there in the first place. The very same talent and hard work which has allowed them to continue on their ever widening path to success ever since. 
Many may feel a need to pigeon hole music, to give it a name and a place. Not King King. 
It’s just music. Real music. And real music always has and always will stand the test of time. 
King King’s music is the kind of music that makes people happy. 
And let’s face it, especially in these all too dark and difficult times, who doesn’t want to be happy?
Not convinced? It’s simple. Come along to a show and find out for yourself. 
‘The best band in the world’ might be a bold statement to back up. But rest assured Alan and the guys will give it their best shot every single night. 
You can bet your kilt on it!