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York Fibbers

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Address: 3-5 Toft Green

Established ’92, Fibbers is the longest-established and most successful venue in the city, boasting pretty much a who’s who of acts over 5000+ gigs (count ‘em and weep) through the years, many of which are now filling arenas and headlining festivals.  Whether as a venue for just-breaking bands, a must-play for locals or hosting sell-outs with household names eager to return, Fibbers is a nationally-known and respected brand - and now completely refurbished with upgraded PA, sightlines and capacity.  And after a two year sabbatical, the original booking team is now back in place!  Moving in to the new century … ‘nuff said.

We are also at the forefront of the city’s club scene, EVERY NIGHT ‘TIL 4AM with the hottest DJs from the worlds of Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Indie, Rock, Electro, Ibiza, and the official Uni & St Johns destination.  Check out our sister club Tokyo on Micklegate with Lovedough, Retro, Drop The Bomb …

Our lower age limit for most shows is 14+ but please check individual gigs just in case.  If you are, or appear to be, under 21 we will always ask for ID.  To purchase alcohol you will need to show a driving licence (full or provisional), passport or a PASS-approved scheme.