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Sale Waterside Arts Centre

Address: Waterside Plaza

M33 7ZF

Waterside Arts Centre was opened in April 2004 by Sarah Miles, wife of Robert Bolt. The first artistic programme was launched in November 2004.


The centre contains within it The Robert Bolt Theatre (350 seats), The Lauriston Gallery, The Chambers, The Corridor Gallery, The Gallery Bar and a variety of studios and workshop spaces. The centre also programmes events on the outdoor plaza area.


The complex forms part of Sale Waterside, which houses Trafford Council offices, Trafford Direct, Sale Library, Youth Talk Shop, Oca Restaurant and the Waterside Bar. The development is part of a unique PFI (Private Funded Initiative) between Cofathec and Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council.


The site of Waterside Arts Centre was originally Sale Civic Theatre which was an important facility for residents of Sale and Trafford. The centre was rebuilt and updated and was 10 years in the planning, Waterside is now seen as a major touring venue for visual and performing arts, whilst offering a wide range of resources to the local community.