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Farnham Maltings

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Address: Bridge Square

The Maltings as we know it today was originally not one building, but at least two separate properties.
The earliest records that we have for the South Wing, the part of the building adjacent to Red Lion Lane, show that it was being used in the 1750s as a tannery, or tanyard, by Michael Reading.


Today, twenty years later, the Maltings provides space for many different activities, which are open to all sections of society. The building now includes artists’ studios, galleries, the Riverside Café and Cellar Bar; the Barley Room, Dance Studio (left) and Nursery.
The latest stage of conversion is the recent project to restore the South Wing of the building to provide additional performance and studio space. At the same time, the entrance has been updated to facilitate disabled access.
The Maltings is strongly supported by a membership which is open to all. The Farnham Maltings Association is a registered charity, a company limited by guarantee and is totally independent of major Government funding.
The Farnham Maltings Association is a prime example of local people coming together at grass roots to preserve a superb industrial building from certain demolition and transform it into a centre of creativity for the region.