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This is what happens when 266 musicians get together to cover Linkin Park’s In The End

Hundreds of Linkin Park fans have been gathered together for an epic cover of the band’s classic track In The End.

The RocknMob lockdown project saw 266 musicians from 35 different countries record and film themselves covering the Hybrid Theory favourite – and as you can see, the end result is something special.

The individual parts were recorded between May 5-25, with Petr Sterlikov and Dmitry Pervushin bringing everything together for the rousing cover.

A statement from RocknMob on behalf of #QuarantineMob reads: “2020 brought us a lot of challenges but they couldn't stop us from rocknmobing! 

“This time, 266 musicians, 35 countries and almost every continent – except Antarctica (that's a shame!) – united to perform one of Linkin Park signature songs:  In The End. 

“All the musicians recorded more than 300 videos during quarantine in their countries to help us organise first ever international rocknmob!”

In addition to the video, RocknMob will also release a 360° VR version on July 12 over on their YouTube channel.

Earlier this week, Linkin Park’s official In The End video passed one billion views on YouTube. It’s the second time the band have reached the milestone, with 2003’s Numb previously passing the figure.