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Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne © Getty

Sharon Osbourne has slammed sensationalistic US tabloid reports that Ozzy Osbourne is "on a crazy train to an early death.”

Ozzy, of course, has been blighted by ill health over the past year, contracting a staph infection in his hand last October, and flu and pneumonia in February before suffering a fall in his bedroom two months later. 

Despite Ozzy and his family both confirming he’s slowly on the road to recovery, this week celebrity site Radar Online ran a story saying “ailing” Ozzy was on “a crazy train to an early death” and quoted sources saying he is “living on borrowed time.” 

Similarly, the National Enquirer reportedly claimed Ozzy “could be dead by Christmas.” 

Appearing on chat show The Talk, Sharon understandably reacted angrily saying “I'm not lost for words a lot, as you all know, but why do people just say this was true? 

“How cold and callous are those headlines? Where's people's empathy? It's not true, by any stretch of the imagination.”

She continued: “I’ve been open with everyone and so has Ozzy. He had a terrible, terrible bout of bad luck with his health, one thing after another. And then after his fall that he had, it's been awful for him. 

“But he's getting better. He's recuperating. Why be like, 'He's on a crazy train…’ How disrespectful to anyone. Ozzy ain't going nowhere.”

Ozzy has made his first solo album since 2010’s ‘Scream’ while recuperating, and recorded it over a period of just four weeks. He has proclaimed it was “the greatest album I’ve done.”

The metal legend is due to return to the UK in January and February 2020 for his postponed No More Tours 2 arena tour with Judas Priest