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Peatbog Faeries
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Peatbog Faeries London Islington Assembly

(featuring Peatbog Faeries)

Venue: London Islington Assembly Hall

Hailing from the Isle of Skye, the legendary Scottish trailblazers have created a glorious mixture of traditional sounds and dance-floor grooves that have been embraced worldwide. Drawing upon a dazzling myriad of influences from jigs and reels through Dance Music, Jazz, African, and more, they bring the sound of Scotland fresh-faced and breathless to the new audiences around the world.
From the moment they take to the stage, the mood is set for a no-nonsense feel-good atmosphere, each number sounding like an encore itself. The traditional styles that influence the musicians are still to be heard and when an unexpected drop-down to those glorious core melodies sneaks in the result is spine-chilling! In short, it rocks, and the audience becomes part of the experience.
2023 will see the Peatbog Faeries 32nd year as a band. Exiting times lie ahead with the addition on the superbly talented Shetlander Norman Willmore on keys and alto sax and renowned multi instrumentalist Innes Watson on acoustic guitar, additional fiddle and vocals. Having been on a leash for the best part of two years, the Peatbogs are ready, with new materiel and a new enthusiasm, to entertain music lovers once again.
The band is made up of Peter Morrison on pipes and whistles, Ross Couper on fiddle, Innes Watson on fiddle, vocals and acoustic guitar, Tom Salter on guitar, Norman Willmore on keyboards and sax, Innes Hutton on bass and Stuart Brown on drums
Invariably the band travel with their own sound engineer, as well as a lighting engineer to ensure their famous shows become a truly memorable experience on every level for their audiences.
Peatbog Faeries have become firm favourites at festivals and venues across the UK and have toured the world with their inventive and unique brand of music never failing to fill the floor and delight crowds.
“Nothing prepares you for the high octane music of the Peatbog Faeries. Powerful melodies are dextrously pumped out with a smart degree of techno attitude, while cross-rhythms ricochet over a heavy bass that hits you forcefully like a massive heart beat.” The Scotsman