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Kira Mac
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Kira Mac Leek Foxlowe Arts

(featuring Kira Mac)

Venue: Leek, Foxlowe Arts Centre

Kira Mac, the UK's hottest rock sensation, is reinventing the classic genre with a modern twist. Their music bursts with the raw power of old-school rock, fused seamlessly with contemporary flair, soulful melodies, and a generous dose of rock 'n roll attitude.
This dynamic band, a diverse collective of musicians hailing from various corners of the UK, serendipitously crossed paths in the heart of Manchester in 2018. United by a shared passion for crafting authentic music inspired by working-class struggles, they embarked on a journey to create something truly extraordinary.
Kira Mac's influences span the rich tapestry of rock and diverse musical genres. Their unique talent is honed from grassroots beginnings, rooted in an unbridled love for music's eclectic and acoustic dimensions.
Fronted by Rhi's powerhouse vocals and Joe Worrall's blistering guitar skills, the band delivers a fresh take on rock 'n roll songwriting and a distinctive sound. Alex and Bret, round out the ensemble, creating an electrifying rhythm and percussion backbone.
Kira Mac is poised to set UK stages ablaze once again, bringing their electrifying sound to festivals and live shows. Brace yourself for a rock revival like no other, led by the unstoppable force that is Kira Mac! ????????