Walter Trout Interview

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Walter Trout Interview - "When I first heard the song I was completely knocked out"

13 May 2019

1. Hi Walter, welcome to The Gig Cartel Blog, we’re very much looking forward to hosting you in the UK this October! Are you excited to return?

I always look forward to getting back to the UK ! I've been bringing my band there now for 30 years and they still give me a great reception and show me lots of love !! Some of the best audiences in the world !


2. You have Dan Patlansky as special guest on all dates; have you caught Dan live before in the past?

I have never seen him live before and I am really looking forward to it ! Of course I've heard his records and he's awesome !!


3. It’s a killer line-up, there is also two special Planet Rock events with Kris Barras Band and Mollie Marriott in Sheffield and Norwich. Planet Rock recently playlisted your track ‘Red Sun’ tell us about that one.

Red Sun is by a little known New York City Blues Man named Floyd Lee. It was written by his guitar player Joel Poluck.when I first heard the song I was completely knocked out and it's one of my favorites on the record and also to perform live.


4. It must be great to have Planet Rock behind you and your music, they have a die hard following! How did you find performing at Planet Rockstock in December?

We had an incredible time at that show in December. The crowd was amazing and really made us feel welcome !!


5. Your new record Survivor Blues has been getting some serious love over in the UK; how have you found the reaction so far?

The reaction to this album has been mind-blowing really ! Everyone seems to really love it!we had a great time making this one -it was truly a labor of love


6. Which are your favourite tracks from the record.

It's hard for me to really pick a favorite it depends on what day you ask me ! But certainly Red Sun and also Nature's disappearing by John also Be Careful How You Vote has a lot of meaning right now !


7. Which guitars have you been touring at the moment?

At the moment I am using mainly my road guitar which is one that has been put together from pieces of other guitars ! It has a neck off one of my other stratocasters and the body was handmade for me by a guitar builder in San Diego named Scott lentz.the pickups were made for me by my good friend Seymour Duncan.


8. What can fans expect from the upcoming October live shows in the UK?

We are planning something special for our October run.I don't want to give too much away but the fans can look forward to hearing some songs that we've not performed live before !


9. Any words or message you’d like to share with people who have been supporting your music?I

I have been bringing my band to the UK now for 30 years and the people still support us and come out to the shows and buy the CDs and that means so much to me that it's hard to even express ! I have a deep love and appreciation for my fans and I promise to keep giving them the very best that I have !!


10. Thanks for joining us`! We’ll see you in the UK in October. Any last words for people thinking about getting a ticket?

I think you're probably going to want to get your tickets in advance as I imagine these shows will sell out !! I look forward to seeing you there !!! Let's rock !!


3 Oct Exeter Phoenix

4 Oct Southampton 1865

5 Oct Norwich The Open

6 Oct Brighton, Concorde 2

8 Oct Bristol The Fleece

9 Oct Birmingham Town Hall

10 Oct York Fibbers

11 Oct Edinburgh The Queens Hall

12 Oct Sheffield O2 Academy

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