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The Gig Cartel Launch T-Shirt Line

9 April 2020

The Gig Cartel Launch T-Shirt Line

Yes, your friendly neighbourhood promoters The Gig Cartel have launched a tounge and cheek T-Shirt line designed to get you gig ready post lock-down.

Shop our store for the full range of T-Shirts here:

We've selected some of our favourites below:

FU Virus - It's funny how much you realise you took gigs for granted once they are taken away from you isn't it, I think i'd give my left nut to go see The Wurzels right now. F U Coronavirus! Buy this t-shirt HERE

Grumpy Old Man T - Hold the fan fare, nevermind the hype, we're here to see some music and drink a few pints, we offer you your new first line of defence with our Grumpy Old Man T-Shirt here, that'll learn 'em. Buy this t-shirt HERE

Disco T - Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother, keep music live! Let people know from the get go, you're a live music fan, you'll be having none of this press play DJ Boll*cks! Buy this t-shirt HERE

Rock N Roll Saved My life T - It's a classic! You're not alone, join the initiated thousands who've come to pray at the altar of live music! Buy this t-shirt HERE

This is just a small selection of our t-shirts, visit our store HERE to find your perfect gig attire. We'll get ya gig ready in no time...