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The Coral - "I think scrap the lot and start again."

4 March 2019

Since their debut EP release in 2001 The Coral have sold over a million UK albums, with five reaching the Top 10 including 2003’s chart-topping ‘Magic and Medicine’. Their eight Top 40 singles include ‘Dreaming Of You’, ‘In The Morning’, ‘Pass It On’, and ‘Don’t Think You’re The First’.

There are moments on a tour when things suddenly become crystal clear. You'll be ghosting down a strip of tarmac somewhere in the early hours, half asleep, and it'll hit you collectively, like some shared hallucination.

On a motorway between Leeds and Newcastle, we're talking about production for the next album. It's about two o'clock in the morning and we've just passed the Angel of the North, the huge iron siren and pagan-like gateway to the Tyneside area. Seeing something that mysterious can bring about a change in the way you think, if you know what I mean.

Nobody can see each other's faces. We're just voices in the dark, talking excitedly. Like we've been jolted into life suddenly:

“I’ve been recording a lot of guitars just going straight into the desk lately. There’s no amplifier spill. It sounds unbelievable.”

“We should try that for the new album."

“Like all that weird Lindsey Buckingham solo stuff we were listening to before. It’s like that. Or Geoff Emerick, know what I mean? Really dry and present."

“If we’re gonna go for it then we might as well just do it and not hold back. There are some good tunes already."

“Yeah. We should aim for something a bit more song-based now, change it up a bit. Like some kind of surf thing. The Beach Boys in Llandudno. Phil Spector and The Ramones. Dion in the 70’s. A strange Mexican cartoon."

“It’s almost like the opposite of the last album."

“We’d be repeating ourselves otherwise, wouldn’t we?"

“It’s a risk, but definitely.”

"I think scrap the lot and start again."



"The studio's booked, though?"

"Fuck it."

"Let's do it."

The Coral have announced details of their new album ‘Move Through The Dawn’, to be released August 17th on Ignition Records on CD, LP and digitally. Catch the band live at Holmfirth Picturedrome on August 2nd. For tickets and Informations please click HERE