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Tankus The Henge - "It's basically a storm in a teacup in the chinashop with the bull"

25 January 2019

Tankus The Henge are live at Lending Room Leeds on February 21st!

To celebrate we caught up with the band for a chinwag and a brew. 

TGC: Hi Gents, welcome to the TGC Blog, we're very much looking forward to hosting Tankus The Henge at Lending Room Leeds on February 21st. Are you excited for the show?

TTH: we love playing in Leeds. It's a great city. We've been all over Europe in the last twelve months but it's excellent to come home and play in such a vibrant place. We usually end up going out when we play in Leeds and it's always hilarious.


TGC:  2018 has been very kind to you, what are some of your personal highlights from the year?

TTH: It's been turbulent. I haven't thought about whether it's been kind to us or not yet. We've done so many gigs in ten countries, got our van and equipment stolen in London, released an animated video, played forty festivals, left a band member behind in Italy... you name it. My personal highlights have to include playing a huge Boomtown show, launching the new album at the 100 Club in London and performing our track "Last Night In New Orleans" live on Radio 4.


TGC: You've just released a brand new record, the fantastic 'i crave affection baby, but not when i drive', has the hype and reaction measured up to your expectations? Which tracks are you excited to play live at Lending Room Leeds?

TTH: Glad you like it! Thanks for listening. It's just the beginning for this record really. It takes time for a new record to get out, especially independantly. We've had some great feedback. We really tried to capture the energy and emotion of a live show, while having fun with guests, backing vocals, and production that you can't always do on stage. We've got Martin Harley guesting on lap steel, Emily Lee on backing vocals and jazz clarinettist Ewan Bleach on there as well as the members of the band. Eleven out of twelve of the songs are in the live show this year, and we're really excited to show you all what they sound like live.


TGC:  Let's talk about smoke machines, you guys have got some of the craziest ones on the circuit! How did this come about?

TTH: We love a good stage show. What's a rock 'n roll show without some smoke?



TGC: For anyone who is new to Tankus The Henge, what could they expect from a live show?

TTH: It's a loud and exciting rock show, with wild twists and turns through different genres, while keeping plenty of groove to get down to. Our background is pretty varied as a band; funk, New Orleans jazz to anthems and heavy riffs. It's a bit like riding a rollercoaster with someone building the track just in front of the car.

It's basically a storm in a teacup in the chinashop with the bull. We're genuinely trying to do something different in this age of saccharine wallpaper music that is so bland no-one even hears it anymore. Some of our friends and allies in the scene really influence our playing and listening too; bands like Shishko Disco, Holy Moly and the Crackers, Faela! and Whiskey Moon Face. Check 'em out, or follow our page on Spotify to see our playlists.


TGC:  Remember in the film The Titanic, where the classically trained musicians play on the top deck as the ship is sinking, I feel like Tankus The Henge would have been the party band on the lower decks still playing in the face of the rising water. Perhaps in these uncertain times a Tankus The Henge show is a little like this anyway?

TTH: I haven't seen that movie, but I know what you're getting at. I still know how it ends. I don't like to think we're on a sinking ship, really. I think we're probably on The Bounty, know what I'm sayin? The captain hasn't realised it yet.

We've always made music for everyone, no matter which deck they're partying on.


TGC: Thanks so much for joining us! We'll see you in Leeds in February! Any words for anyone who is considering getting a ticket?

TTH: You should do more than consider. Just go and get a ticket. Support an original band in a great venue. We'll make it worth your while, I promise.


Tankus The Henge are live at Lending Room Leeds on February 21st!

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