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Seth Lakeman - "Come along we promise you won’t be disappointed!"

17 January 2019


Hi Seth welcome to the TGC Blog. We're looking forward to hosting you at Sheffield City Hall on March 6th. Are you excited for the show? Any Sheffield stories you can share with us from previous visits?

Hi, really looking forward to the show in Sheffield. I do remember playing lots of different venues in Sheffield but the leadmill was always a real favourite


What originally drew you to folk music when you first started picking up musical instruments?

I remember watching my mother in the kitchen playing the violin, I still play her violin now


In 2018 you released a new record. How have you found the response to The Well Worn Path?

A fantastic response to the new album. People really seem to connect to the stories and the sonic sound that we built up as a band. It’s a really exciting new line up.


Which songs from the record fill you full of excitement or emotion during a live performance and why?

A really like playing the educated man and the Gloaming, they seem to sum up the style and season we recorded this in, the depths of darkest January in the beak moors


We love the simplicity of the Divided We Will Fall music video, where was it filmed?

That was actually filmed quickly down st st ives festival. Seemed to come together well seeing as we only had the one shot at it


As promoters we can attest to the fact that live music takes you to all kinds of weird and wonderful locations. Did you find yourself in any strange scenarios in 2018 whilst touring the states, Europe or Australia? Any stories you can share with us?

I’ve toured and seen some really life changing things with Robert, I love the far reaches he takes you to. I remember being in Georgia Black Sea and being serenaded by singers for dinner. In Milan having a private viewing of the last supper. I feel very privileged


What can fans expect in 2019, how's the year shaping up for you?

I’m just about to record an album for the 2020 mayflower 400 project. The story of the pilgrim fathers.


Sheffield City Hall is a truly stunning venue, We very much look forward to the show in March 6th. Do you have any words for people who might be thinking of getting a ticket?

It’s a really exciting show that I feel is pushing us as a band and there’s a real variety of sounds and songs to choose from now. Come along we promise you won’t be disappointed!



Seth Lakeman - Live At Sheffield City Hall March 6th

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