Pete Mckee Interview Everly Pregnant Brothers

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"One has to be ready for any snack conundrum" - Pete Mckee Everly Pregnant Brothers

26 March 2019

TGC: Hi Pete thanks for joining us. We're looking forward to hosting four Everly Pregnant Brothers shows this year as part of your 10th anniversary celebrations. Did you think the band would make it 10 years?


PM: We weren’t supposed to last ten days! We originally got together for a one off gig and the buggers insisted we carry on doing gigs


TGC: What are some of your favourite personal highlights from the last decade in the band?


PM: I never tire of listening to the crowd sing en mass when we play our crowd favourites. It’s truly joyous.

I remember a very early gig in our first year. It was a few days before Crimbo, the pub was small and packed, it was snowing outside and nobody was getting home easily, and everyone thought bugger it! Let’s have a good time and we’ll all worry about getting home when we’ve have sung and drunk our throats dry.


TGC. Did you already play the old ukulele before joining the brothers or was it new to you at the time?


PM: Absolutely new to me at the time, me and all the band were learning on the spot. Each new song brought up a new chord to learn. Some of the chords now still carry the name we used to remember them by, like backwards G and the ‘Jam in’ Chord


TGC. Of course many people will know of your artwork, what have been some of your favourite pieces you've created for the brothers? 


PM: I promised myself that I would keep the art and the music separate but I can’t help myself. So I will say Electric Graveyard Land with the naked old ladies


TGC. What are the brothers favourite after show beverage ?


PM: They all drink alcohol in all its forms, I drink alcohol free beer.


TGC. What would you like on your rider? Pies, Gravey, Yorkshire puddings... Hendos?


PM: Yes please!!!! But we bring our own condiments in a specially designed flight case. One has to be ready for any snack conundrum


TGC. Which Everly Pregnant Brothers songs are your favourite to perform and why?


TGC: Obviously 'No Oven No Pie' and 'Chip Pan' get the best reactions when we play as they are so universally likeable and singable but often we get a buzz from playing a brand new song and waiting to see if it gets people instantly smiling and singing

My personal favourite is 'Hole in the Road' as it makes me well up and get all nostalgic


TGC. Holmfirth Picturedrome has just sold out, are you looking forward to that one? Have you been to the venue before?


PM: We’ve been waiting to play Holmfirth for a long time but have resisted till we were at a place where we could get a good crowd and have a top atmosphere. So job done! Can’t WAIT


TGC. We're also lucky to be hosting you in York, Barnsley and London. Any thoughts on how each of these locations? Which venues are you looking forward to the most?


PM: For me these are gigs without a safety net so you already start on the front for when you hit the stage and make sure you get the crowd on your side and then hopefully by the last song we are all best friends and on everyone’s Christmas card list


TGC. Thanks for joining us Pete, we'll see you on the road! Any last words for people thinking about getting tickets for one of the shows?


PM: I would say that if you want a night out where you can leave your troubles at the door and just have an unadulterated, good sing a long, a laugh and even a few beers, then please buy a ticket.

Everly Pregnant Brothers 10th Anniversary Shows:

11 May - Holmfirth - Picturedrome

1 Jun - York - Fibbers

20 Sep - Islington - O2 Academy

4 Oct - Barnsley - Birdwell Venue