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We catch up with Everly Pregnant Brothers / Pulp Drummer Nick Banks about the new Everly Pregnant Brothers Album and Album launch plans!

22 August 2019

Everly Pregnant Brothers are Live at Islington O2 Academy on September 20th!

Hi Nick

Thanks for joining us on The Gig Cartel Blog. We’re here to talk about the new Everly Pregnant Brothers album and album launch show at Islington o2 Academy On September 20th. But before we get into all that let’s start at the beginning.

TGC: When did you first come across Everly Pregnant Brothers and how did you wind up joining the band as their permanent drummer?

Nick: I had heard of EPB (as almost everyone in Sheffield has; they are now a local institution) but not really had chance to see them – The only time I saw a couple of songs I noted ‘What…no drummer??’ – I knew Klive and Pete from around and about – Klive seemingly forever – and Pete asked if I fancied joining them for a couple of tracks at their sold out Crucible shows. So, me and Johnny (Bass) did and the reception was so good they asked if we would play on more tracks and thus doing ALL tracks live – Thus we joined. What really knocked me out at those Crucible gigs was how the crowd sang along to the songs – really uplifting moments!!

After a year/18 months EPB played at Cotton Clouds fest and I couldn’t make it, EPB played anyway but straightaway realised EPB drummerless was a dull place to be. Up the drummers!!

TGC: Of course many people will know you as the Nick Banks from Pulp. How does playing with the brothers differ from your previous band projects.

Nick: Every band is different. The internal dynamics are always unique. One of the great things about being in a band, any band, is the feeling of common purpose. Battling the tides of indifference to make an impression. Your ‘gang’ against the rest. Obvs Pulp was a big deal (always will be) but I was flattered to be asked to play with EPB and the vibe within is so supportive of each other it’s great. Being in a band should be fun and with EPB there’s that in spades.

TGC: You’re currently rocking a upright jazz kit set-up, what prompted the switch from the traditional drum stool set up?

Nick: As EPB are a bit of an oddball band with the ukelele’s etc I thought I should do something different for my set up as well. I wanted something that was compact – if we ever did some busking/guerrilla gigs that needed something easy to transport and set up.

With Pulp I did a few low key gigs with a cocktail kit – which is a stand up small scale set up so this was the template for my kit. I fashioned it out of bits of one of my kits (A Yamaha Oak in white – Drum kit fans) – It’s a bit of an engineering marvel. It originally had an electric bass drum set up but that proved unreliable so I re-modelled a 20” floor tom as a little bass drum to complete the set up.

I think it works really well and is very different to what you usually see out there.

TGC:  2019 has been a good year for the brothers so far, taking on shows at Holmfirth Picturedrome, York Fibbers and Tramlines festival to name a few, any personal highlights?

Nick: Tramlines is always amazing. Having 20-30,000 sing along is very special.

We really enjoyed Holmfirth; a very beautiful venue and, as always, a cracking gig. York was great as a new place for us to visit, so to see plenty in was fab. Its always funny when you invite a member of the audience up onstage to help sing a song (Very very well known song) and they insist they know the words until actual time for them to sing: Not a clue. Very funny. Perhaps drink was a factor here. Maybe we will never know….

TGC: Let’s talk about the new album; ‘Biffin’s Bridge’ a fitting name for a brothers album, how did the album title come about to your knowledge.

Nick: One of the songs mentions ‘Biffin’s Bridge’ which had us all in stitches. It’s all about the context. If you have never heard of Biffin’s Bridge – google it (Carefull though NSFW).

The title lead us to the inspiration for the cover – which is a parody of Richard Hawley’s ‘Lady’s Bridge’ Album cover, but featuring ‘David Bowie’ who looks like he’s having a bit of gip from his ‘Biffins’…….

TGC: You’ve already made the track ‘Tesco Express’ available to people who pre-order the album, tell us about that song?

Nick: A light re-telling of Divine Comedy’s ‘National Express’ with a twist towards the trials of shopping at a Tesco Express store. All the usual EPB digs in there. We do love a shopping song: ‘Stuck in the Lidl with You’, ‘Cost-a-pound’ et al.

For new tunes we generally come up with a lyrical twist on a well known song then try to play it while Big Shaun comes up with some suitably risqué lyrics – if it sounds good (or easy to play) has us laughing or thinking deep (maaaan) – it stays in behold, a new tune. Theres plenty of discards along the way though….

TGC: What are your favourite tracks from the new album?

Nick: There’s plenty to choose from:

’69 to Rotherham’ – I spent a lot of time on this iconic Rotherham to Sheffield bus route in my youth – check out the stylophone and mellotron!!

‘Found Me Glove’ – a response song to the earlier EPB tune ‘Lost Me Glove’ – and beautifully done.

My fave though is ‘Take Me To The Limit’ an ode to Sheffield pubs/nightclubs of old – and the events (half) remembered therein. Some wondrous electric piano and guitar on this. A real heart string tugger.

TGC:  You’re launching the new album at Islington O2 Academy on September 20th, is this the furthest afield from Sheffield you have played with the brothers so far?

Nick: No, we did the Isle of Wight festival a couple of years ago – That’s quite far, but well worth it. The others went on a jolly to Ireland and played in a few pubs (before my time) in hindsight it might have been an excuse for a piss up and a bit o’craic.

We do like a London gig though. We’ve done the famous 100 club twice before to admittedly a mainly Sheffield ex-pat crowd, but neutrals and newbies seemed to thoroughly enjoy it – The Brazilian couple who wandered in just to enjoy the vibe of a gig at the oldest consistent venue in the world were not available for comment at time of printing but as they didn’t run out screaming is seen as a win for the EPB.

TGC:  For people thinking about coming to the album show, or people who might be new to the band, what can they expect from your live performance on September 20th?

Nick: An EPB show is always entertaining. Not necessarily played to a virtuoso standard but hey, punk rock eh?

There’s songs you will know – perhaps not the words yet, but you can recognise the base tunes and hum along with gusto.

You will laugh (hopefully) and maybe cry. Your heartstrings might get a bit bent. You will get the chance to see some middle aged blokes rocking out on ukes, thumping drums, a stand up bass and a 6ft 4” 20+ stone singer with a Mohawk (at time of press) swearing vigorously and telling stories.

Whats not to like?

TGC: Thanks for joining us!

Nick: A pleasure.

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