King King - Meet The Band - JONATHAN MARK DYKE

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King King - Meet The Band -  JONATHAN MARK DYKE

29 January 2020


Band: King King

Do you go by any alias: Alan and I sometimes go by the names Tobes and Tarkes.

Where were you born, and what city do you call home now? I was born in the city of Derby, then I moved to London in the 90s and then back to Derbyshire a few years ago, but recently I’ve been up in Glasgow living with Alan while we are working on the new album.

What instrument do you play, whats the make and model, any quirky modifications, any nickname for your instrument? I play the keyboards and at the moment I have a Hammond XK5 with a Leslie 122 and a Nord Stage 3

Favourite restaurant and meal ? My favourite restaurant is a place called Maray in Liverpool, amazing Arabic food but the cauliflower dish is just incredible, weirdly I usually don’t like cauliflower. However once I did go to Adams in Birmingham a Michelin star restaurant, I never experienced anything like it, the food the service is unparalleled.

Favourite King King songs to play live and why ? Simple Rush Hour, there is nothing like having a song sang back to you by the audience.

Who are you listening to at the moment ? At this moment absolutely nothing apart from the new King King album, there’s no room in my brain to listen to anything else but sometimes just to distract my brain from the new album I listen to Stephan Fry reading the books of Sherlock Holmes.

Your guilty pleasure (music) ? Maybe sometimes and very rarely a Michael Buble track might be played.


3 Apr Cardiff Y Plas

4 Apr Salisbury City Hall

5 Apr Bexhill De L Warr Pavilion

6 Apr Bury St Edmunds The Apex Arts Centre

8 Apr Sheffield Leadmill

10 Apr Glasgow Fruit Market

11 Apr Manchester Academy

12 Apr York Grand Opera House

14 Apr Birmingham Town Hall

15 Apr Newcastle Boiler Shop

17 Apr London Electric Ballroom