King King - Meet The Band - Andrew James Scott

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King King - Meet The Band - Andrew James Scott

24 January 2020

Full Name: Andrew James Scott

Band: King King

Do you go by any alias: I do but if I did, my cover would be blown and my international covert operations would be in jeopardy, so naturally, I cant share.

Where were you born, and what city do you call home now? I was born in Aldershot but did my growing up in Scotland, now living in Edinburgh.

What instrument do you play, whats the make and model, any quirky modifications, any nickname for your instrument? I play drums. I am a Mapex Drums and Code Drum Heads artist. The drums are Saturn V Tour Edition, 24" kick, 14x7" snare, 10, 12 toms and 14, 16, 18 floor toms. This kit is named Christine.

Favourite restaurant and meal ? Fuck, man. Field, on West Nicolson Street in Edinburgh. Literally any-fucking-thing on the menu. All fresh, local produce, cooked beautifully. Either that or a Burger King. It's a bad idea to leave me unattended in a BK.

Favourite King King songs to play live and why ? I am an enormous fan of Stranger to Love, Long History of Love, Coming Home and More Than I Can Take.

Who are you listening to at the moment ? Top of my recently played on Spotify consists of Bill Laurance's 'Live at the Philharmonie', Rush 'Live in Rio', Foo Fighters' 'Sonic Highways' Jinjer's recent release 'Macro' and Leprous' latest record 'Pitfalls'.

Your guilty pleasure (music) ? I'm not a huge believer of guilty pleasures as the way I see it, if you get pleasure out of it, that should be the end of the story however, were I to have some, I reckon you could call Take That's 'The Circus' one. Carly Rae Jepsen is fucking great too. Early Taylor Swift too. That one I do actually find contradictory. 'I'm Only Me When I'm With You' is a 24 carat BANGER.


3 Apr Cardiff Y Plas

4 Apr Salisbury City Hall

5 Apr Bexhill De L Warr Pavilion

6 Apr Bury St Edmunds The Apex Arts Centre

8 Apr Sheffield Leadmill

10 Apr Glasgow Fruit Market

11 Apr Manchester Academy

12 Apr York Grand Opera House

14 Apr Birmingham Town Hall

15 Apr Newcastle Boiler Shop

17 Apr London Electric Ballroom