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King King - Meet The Band - Zander Greenshields

3 February 2020

Full Name: Zander Greenshields
Do you go by any alias: The wee Tally.
Where were you born, and what city do you call home now ? Born in Glasgow and live in Coatbridge, but Glasgow has my heart.
What instrument do you play, whats the make and model, any quirky modifications, any nickname for your instrument? I play bass. My weapons of choice for King King are 2 Musicman Sterling USA models both in blue pearl sporting custom pickguards with King King artwork. Using Aguilar and Ampeg amps with an Ampeg 410HLF cab and Trace Elliot Transit B pre-amp.
Favourite restaurant and meal ? I love Cafe Andaluz in Glasgow. The tapas selection is simply outstanding. When on the road with King King the bands favourite is always a Chinese buffet.
Favourite King King songs to play live and why ? Probably You Stopped the Rain and (She Don't) Gimme No Lovin' . Both are upbeat and go down really well.
Who are you listening to at the moment ? Probably not everyone's cup of tea but listening to a Finnish band called Wintersun. Very technical and precise playing. Amazing soundscapes.
Your guilty pleasure (music) ? Paul Draper and Mansun. Great songs and happily he's back writing and touring.

3 Apr Cardiff Y Plas
4 Apr Salisbury City Hall
5 Apr Bexhill De L Warr Pavilion
6 Apr Bury St Edmunds The Apex Arts Centre
8 Apr Sheffield Leadmill
10 Apr Glasgow Fruit Market
11 Apr Manchester Academy
12 Apr York Grand Opera House
14 Apr Birmingham Town Hall
15 Apr Newcastle Boiler Shop
17 Apr London Electric Ballroom