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King King - Meet The Band - Alan Nimmo

7 February 2020

What's your full name?
Alan Nimmo
Do you go by any alias?
Too many and probably too offensive to repeat! Lol! I have been known as Aldo.. or Big Al!
Where were you born, and what city do you call home now?
Glasgow is home but my school years we’re in Dumbarton just outside of Glasgow.
What instrument do you play, whats the make and model, any quirky modifications, any nickname for your instrument?
I have two equal loves for my guitars... one being a Gibson Les Paul and the other my Fender Stratocaster. I was made a replica of a 1959 les Paul by “Corsa Guitars” and it’s a Beauty. I’m not one for making lots of changes and modifications to guitars but one of my les Paul’s and two of the strats are kitted out with Bareknuckle pickups.. (Mules in the Les Paul and Slow hands in the Strats.) nicknames include... “oi you” and “where did I leave it this time”
Favourite restaurant and meal?
favourite restaurant is “The Fox hole”’which is a flat I have in Glasgow that myself and Johnny (keyboards) reside in whilst making the album and we have many many a great evening cooking together and sharing a little wine!!! Ok... a lot of wine! I think my favourite meal at the moment is our version of “Chicken Milanese” with our own very special signature Arrabbiata sauce that is slow cooked for a couple of hours. All natural ingredients too.. no cheating with a sauce from a jar!
Favourite King King songs to play live and why?
My favourite songs to play at the moment are the new songs for our new album but I am fond of “Rush hour” because it always gets a great reaction from the crowd and they tend to sing along.. I also love to play “you stopped the rain” as it has a very personal meaning to me and it has a euphoric feel to it.
Who are you listening too at the moment?
At the moment all I’m listening to is the new King King album as we’re still recording it. So, there’s been little time to listen to anything else.
Any guilty pleasures (music) you'd like to share with us?
I have no guilty pleasures when it comes to music... it all great for making you feel bad for learning from too! I love my Blues like Muddy Waters, B.B King, T-Bone Walker etc but I’m also a lover of classic Rock like Free, Bad Company, Whitesnake, Thunder. However, alongside all of that my passion extends to artists like Chris Stapleton, Keb Mo, Prince, Michael Jackson, Billy ocean, Wet Wet Wet, Katy Perry and so much more! The list could go on forever!



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