King King Alan Nimmo Interview

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 "I’m a Rock star? Ha ha.. I think I’m still working on that part..."

19 December 2018

King King Alan Nimmo Interview

Hello and thanks for joining us. We're very much looking forward to hosting your 2019 UK tour. How goes preparations for the tour?

Well after yet another very gruelling year of touring and traveling we ended our year with our annual Xmas rock and blues party which was a great success. So we’ll take a little rest to spend time with family and loved ones for Christmas then we’ll get stuck in to rehearsals and preparations for our upcoming UK tour which starts late January and in to February.


We absolutely love Exile and Grace, what have been your favourite tracks to perform from the record. Can fans expect any new material on the 2019 Tour?

we enjoy playing any of these tracks but one that stands out at the moment is probably “she don’t Gimme no lovin”! It’s just a fun song to play and always seems to be a winner with the fans. We will be adding more songs from Exile & Grace to our set for the 2019 tour. We’ll also be working on new material for the next album too so there will no doubt be some brand new songs getting laced in throughout the year too.


What is the strangest gift you have ever been presented with after or during a concert?

 ha ha, we’ve been pretty lucky over the years where gifts are concerned to be honest...nothing ridiculous or extremely weird but we have had some nice things given to us from cakes and home baked treats to flowers, personalised Keyrings, chocolates, I’ve been presented with a few paintings of myself but for me the biggest and best one was when I was handed a beautiful guitar from the makers of “Corsa” guitars, an American boutique company. That was amazing... and a lovely mug to put my tea in! I’m probably forgetting a few things too but people really are so kind that we get gifts very often.


If you had not become a Rockstar where would you be now? Also, what are everyones interests outside of music? Also, what are everyones interests outside of music?

I’m a Rock star? Ha ha.. I think I’m still working on that part but where I’d be if I weren’t a musician? That’s a tough one! When I left school I did my apprenticeship as an HGV Mechanic working for a haulage firm and I spent a lot of years as a lifeguard but one of the most interesting and rewarding jobs I ever did was working for the education department and working with children in schools, helping kids with Dyslexia and various degrees of Autism. To see the kids I worked with and helped achieve some of their personal goals and learn to live with and deal with their struggle was something I really enjoyed. However, a musician is a musician I could never deny what was truly in my heart!


Who is the band is the biggest party animal? 

I’m going to be really boring now... none of us are big party animals... well not these days anyway! We much prefer to concentrate on giving everything to our performance for our fans to enjoy. At the end of a tour we will maybe have a small shandy or two together to celebrate getting through the tour. But I have to admit that when we were a lot younger.. I was a tiny bit wild and liked to have a party... as long as my old mucked Lindsay was by my side of course. These days the work is the reward. As for outside interests... well it’s common knowledge that we musicians simply get wheeled in to a cupboard and left there until it’s time to play again! Lol! No seriously though... we all have our little things we like to do outside of band duties like motorbikes, walking.. cinema etc but being able to spend time with family is the biggest thing for us nowadays as we spend so much time away from home.


Are there any hidden talents in the band? 

As far as hidden talents go... Wayne is a wizard in the studio, Lindsay can find, sort, organise and make anything happen that you ask him to, Johnny is a fountain of knowledge and recently I managed to save a file to my desktop!!! Result in my book!


2019 KING KING Live Shows:

31 Jan Nottingham Rock City

1 Feb Birmingham Town Hall

2 Feb Cardiff, Tramshed

7 Feb London Koko

8 Feb Bournemouth The Old Firestation

9 Feb Brighton, Concorde 2

10 Feb Norwich The Waterfront

15 Feb Manchester Academy

16 Feb Newcastle Boiler Shop

17 Feb Glasgow O2 Academy


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