JD Simo Interview and 100 Club Gig Announcement

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London has always been great to me and I love the city!

18 December 2018

JD Simo Interview and 100 Club Gig Announcement

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JD SIMO will headline The 100 Club London on April 9th 2019!

HI JD, welcome to the TGC Blog, we're looking forward to hosting you at 100 Club London on April 9th, are you excited to return to the capital?

Hello there! I'm very excited to be coming back. Since the first tour in 2017, London has always been great to me and I love the city! The history, the food, the vibe.


In addition we also have you supporting the legendary Tommy Emmanuel on his UK tour this March, you know Tommy well right, tell us about that?

Yes indeed! I met Tommy several years ago when we shared the same manager. We've become quite close friends and have enjoyed making music with one another many times. He's been a guest several times on my shows and he's been gracious enough to have me out to open for him many times as well as being a guest on his Accomplice One album last year. He's a gentleman and genius. Grateful to call him a friend.


Tell us a bit about 'OFF AT 11'?

It originally started as me doing little sessions in my new studio to sort of break it in hahaha. My group was disbanded because I'd wanted to continue in a solo artist capacity and I was into experimenting while learning my new studio. I recorded tons of material with a bunch of friends. A couple of those tunes ended up on the album and then after the summer 2018 tour, I took the road band into my studio for 2 days to cut several tracks that ended up comprising the rest of the album. 

After playing with Phil Lesh(of the Grateful Dead) for the first time as a member of his group, Phil and Friends... I was keen to mix the 2 things I enjoy most. The heavy improvisational, trippy stuff and the old school traditional stuff. Phil was like, "do them both! You know you can do it all!" 

So in the end it was a very easy and organic record to make. It's a mixture of heavily improvised psychedelic music and a few traditional blues. Recorded in a very rustic, old school manner with little or no overdubs. 


What can fans expect when they see you live at 100 Club?

We play a different set each night so I really can't say until it happens but I promise it'll be genuine and what feels right in that moment!

Acid rock, traditional blues, folk, soul; you love to dabble in a wide range of music, which artists are on your personal playlist at the moment?

Oh gosh, I've got tons!!! Earl Hooker, Funkadelic, Johnny Guitar Watson, Earl King, The Meters, Toots and the Maytals, Shuggie Otis, Curtis Mayfield, Alabama Shakes, The Budos Band, Charles Bradley, Frankie Lee Sims, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Otis Rush, Lee Fields, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Devon Lamarr Trio, The Sugarman 3, Cat Stevens... Those are all on my Spotify plays from just the last 2 days!


How does a JD Simo show differ from a SIMO show?

Well it's a bit freer than it used to be. In SIMO we didn't have as much of a big bunch of songs we would play. Now we have tons of songs that we've worked up that make it easier to vary the set night to night. Also now I prefer to start the show with a "intro jam" if you will which really seems to get the night off to a great easy start, whereas before we'd just rip off right away. 

In the end it's still me, but I'm a whole lot more secure in who and what I am and alot more comfortable letting each night be what's it supposed to be. 

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

There's a lot of touring plus the release of the new album March 1st. We have dates booked through the summer already and that'll extend through the end of the year. At some point we'll start cutting some stuff that'll end up on my second solo album. Onward and upward!

Thank you for joining us. Any message for people thinking about coming to see one of your shows?

Thanks for having me!! I sure hope you'll come have some fun and leave the world outside for a bit. Love, peace and happiness! JD


Tickets for JD Simo's London headline show are available HERE