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Everly Pregnant Brothers "expect laughs, vulgarity & profanity"

4 February 2019

We Interviewed Shaun From 'Everly Pregnant Brothers' ahead of thier shows in Holmfirth and York 

TGC: Hi Shaun, Welcome to the TGC Blog, we're very much looking forward to hosting Everly Pregnant Brothers at Holmfirth Picturedrome in May & at Fibbers York in June. Are the brothers looking forward to these shows?

S: Hello Gig Cartel! We're very excited about these upcoming shows, we know that folks from the Holmfirth and York areas have seen up live, both in Sheffield and at festivals such as YNot?, Kendal Calling, Bearded Theory and festival Number 6. So we know there will be some friendly familiar faces in the crowd, but it will be, as always, fantastic to spread some brotherly love to some EPB virgins, watching their reactions as they get the jokes for the very first time is a tremendous buzz for us all, me especially as singer.


TGC: Both York and Holmfirth are considered to be some of Yorkshires most picturesque destinations. Should we be worried about Sheffielders descending upon them en masse?

S: Not at all, certainly no more than usual, the Picturedrome is a very popular venue with a lot of Sheffielders, especially of my age group, because in the past couple of years you've had some iconic bands from our youth playing there. I came up to see the Skids, and then Peter Hook and The Light, but yu've had an awesome range of great bands on. Holmfirth itself is a beautiful destination, with so many attractions, and Sheffielders flock there pretty much every weekend all year round. We're a friendly bunch, we'll talk to anyone and we're don to earth. As for York, I've not been to York in a few years but I have a great fondness for the city and every time I've been to York, I want to stay for longer, and I hear great great things about Fibbers.


TGC:  2019 marks the 10th anniversary of Everly Pregnant Brothers; congrats! When you originally joined the band did you think the project would have such longevity?

S: I can honestly say i didn't think any further than the first two shows we ever did, it was already fun and I hoped it would continue but I was quite prepared to do those two shows at Art in the Gardens and then go back to my musical retirement home! I think it's important to say that we all had an itch to do ore because it was such fun, and Toby (Foster) had the contacts and the business ideas brain to suggest the first couple of major shows that we did, playng twenty minutes at the end of his (Toby's) stand up show at the 2009 Sheffield Comedy Festival, and then on the Bill with Ross, Noble, Eddie Izzard, Bernie Clifton and the Noise Next Door for Ross' Riders for health charity gig. Two of our first gigs were played to crowds of around 2000. Ten years later, we're still looking to try new ground, to spread the word and the gospel accoring to Hendersons to a wider audience.


TGC: What's your favourite 3 Brothers tracks to perform live and why?

S: Tough question..... but.... in reverse order....

3....Reggie Car Dust. It's got everything, it's a Bowie Tribute of sorts, it's got tension, light and shade, a story, and it's such a great one with any crowd, that it always delivers the buzz off the audience that feels like a hug.

2 ...No Oven No Pie Nostalgia, it's based on true events (ish) and it always gives me a little tug on the heartstrings, remembering my nannan, cooking tea in that little kitchen in Beighton.

1.... Oyl In't Rooad A song that speaks to so many people in Sheffield and beyond, of a certain age, it was such an iconic Sheffield landmark, and everyone has their own story about it, their own reflections, and their own experiences. and when you can make a crowd laugh for two hours and then send thm home with a happy tear in their eyes, that's the mark of a great show.


TGC:  Having played on top of buildings, inside caves and even in corner shops; what's the strangest place the brothers have ever performed?

S: Waterford, in a field, in front of a courthouse, to literally 11 people and a dog. the Ireland trip was a surreal weekend with ups, downs, screams and flashes, lots of Guinness, lots of food, and long memories of 'Dating Beyonce' and 'Radio Waterford'


TGC: How did you find performing on the main stage at Tramlines festival in Sheffield last year?

S: Well, it was a long awaited return to the Tramlines main stage for us, having played it three years in a row back in the early days, going on at noon on the Sunday, filling Devonshire green, then watching the arena empty when we'd finished. Last year however, going on at 3 in the afternoon, at 2.30 there was a small crowd in front of the stage, but for the next 40 minutes the place filled up rapidly and to have 35,000 people all shouting "Fuck Off!" at Leeds was a truly heartwarming and memorable moment which I'll cherish forever. I love my town, I love my people, and I love Tramlines!


TGC: What's so special about Hendersons Relish?

S: If you have to ask that question, you've clearly not spent enough time in Sheffield, aim to change that, come and see us more, let us feed you, because everything can be enhanced by the addition of Henderson's Relish. Pie, curry, chilli, pasta, chinese food, beans, cheese on toast...... Henderson's Relish is vegan friendly, beautifully made, and retains a family business vibe despite having become a name brand in many countries. One thing to say, although we called our song 'Hendos' until I was around 28 I never mentioned the brand name, in our house it was simply 'The Relish'.



TGC: What ingredients belong in the perfect pie?

S; stewing beef, cooked low and slow for a LONG time till it melts in your mouth, potatoes, par boiled and cubed, onions, carrot and celery may be added if desired but not compulsory. get some gravy going on in there. Shorcrust pastry, rolled out fairly thick. done in a big pie dish, so there are plenty of big pieces to go at. serve with mushy peas and gravy and of course, unlimited gravy!.


TGC: What can fans or new-comers expect from a Everly Pregnant Brothers live show?

S: High culture, political satire, existential musings...... none of that stuff ever! expect laughs, vulgarity, profanity, excellent playing and though I do say so myself, a rather good voice fronting up the whole shebang!expect friendliness, banter, and after the show, Sweaty hugs from me (if you can brave it)


TGC: Thanks for joining us, we'll see you in May/June, any final words for people reading this who might be considering coming to one of these shows?

S: thanks for having me! final thoughts, no matter what they do, no matter what crap the world throws at us, they can't stop us laughing, and talking to each other. come and see us, have a laugh, have a chat with us, and It'll all be REYT!!

Catch Everly Pregnant Brothers live 

11 May Holmfirth Picturedrome

1 Jun York Fibbers

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