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DOGP - "two tone inspired ska band with a modern twist we like to call the 4th wave of ska"

21 January 2019

Death Of Guitar Pop are live at The Cluny Newcastle on November 28th

TGC: Morning Silky, welcome to the TGC Blog, thanks for joining us, we recently announced a Newcastle show with yourselves at The Cluny, is it your first time visiting the city? Are you all excited for the show?

DOGP: Oi, Oi, People, Silky here, Death Of Guitar Pop, Yes this is our debut show in Newcastle, we have visited before in former bands and for the football but this is the first time Death Of Guitar Pop are coming to town and we are very much looking forward to it.


TGC: For people who might be new to Death Of Guitar Pop, what can they expect from a live show and what inspired you all to create the band

DOGP: We are a two tone inspired ska band with a modern twist we like to call the 4th wave of ska. We go out with a big band, not like f**king Michael Buble big, but ska big; so saxophone, trombone, Hammond organ, all the whistles and bells and what we are trying to do is recapture some of that fun and energy from the original dance craze era. Putting smiles on faces and giving people a good night out.


TGC: Your first album was released last year to great fanfare in the world of UK two-tone and ska, when can fans expect a second offering?

DOGP:Yes its been a rip-roaring success, we’re chuffed about that, we’ve sold a few thousand copies, we’re a self managed band DIY band so it’s a massive achievement for us. The second record is nearly in the can, we’re aiming to put it out in September 2019 so that will be intime for this Newcastle show. People should expect more of the same; energetic, anthemic ska songs, we do venture off-piece on a few numbers, there’s a Christmas song on the album, so you’ve got that to look forward too aswell. So yes, September, it’s called ‘In Over Our Heads’ and we can’t wait.


TGC: Which tracks are your favourite to perform live from your the first record and why?

DOGP: Yes we play Suburban Ska Club pretty early in the set and that just f**king boots off everytime, the whole place usually bounces around to that one and then towards the back end of the set you’ve got Whatever Gets You Out The House and 69 Candy Street and every time it’s total bedlam.


TGC: What tracks from other acts get alot of spins on your travels in the Death Of Guitar Pop tour bus?

DOGP: Always Madness, they are our biggest influence as a band, in many ways Death of Guitar Pop is essentially a Madness Tribute project.

IDLES; loving them at the moment, particularly their track Mother as I find that one very relatable. Last but certainly not least ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ by Meatloaf always seems to lift the bands spirits when the sleep deprivation is kicking in


TGC: Thanks for joining us, we'll see you in Newcastle in November!

Death Of Guitar Pop are live at The Cluny Newcastle on November 28th. 

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