Dan Patlansky Interview

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Dan Patlansky Interview

14 December 2018

Dan Patlansky Interview


TGC:  You recently toured the UK with Planet Rock and support from Gorilla Riot, how did you find the tour, any highlights you'd like to share with us?

DP: It’s was certainly a very enjoyable tour. Always great to have Planet rock onboard and a quality support act like Gorilla riot. A massive thanks to everyone that came out to a show, and to all the people we work with in the UK. 

TGC:  How do you find touring in the UK and indeed Europe compared to touring on home soil in South Africa?

DP: It awesome because there is a very strong following for blues rock compared to home. It seems to be a very discerning audience who know what they like and dislike. The scene seems to be a lot healthier than most. 

TGC:  What do you have planned for the end of the year?

DP: Just a lot of down time with the family catching up on lost time mixed in with some song writing and regular practice routines

TGC:  Do you have plans to record new music in the new year or are you planning to focus on further touring?

DP: A bit of both. Started writing new stuff for studio and will have some fresh music to tour in 2019. Hopefully back in June and October. 

TGC: Thank you for joining us, have a good holidays. Any message you'd like to pass to UK fans who went to see you on your last tour?

DP: Your support means the world to me, and I’ll keep doing what I do if you guys keep supporting me. Big love to all