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Cowboy Junkies  " I still have the Fender Princeton amp that I used on our first album"

10 May 2019

Cowboy Junkies headline Holmfirth Picturedrome on July 18th.

We were lucky enough to have a quick chinwag with the band here. 

1. Hello and welcome to The Gig Cartel blog. We’re very much looking forward to hosting an evening with Cowboy Junkies at Holmfirth Picturedrome on July 18th. Are you looking forward to returning to the UK?


Absolutely. we are always excited about getting back to the UK.


2. You’re also performing in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany in July. How do you find playing in the UK compared to playing in Canada and in the states? Do the crowds react differently?


Definitely different crowds react differently, but I think its hard to say a certain nationality reacts in a certain way. For example, in Canada, audiences in Quebec are some of the best in the world, while those in Ontario are down the near the bottom. Often it depends on the day of the week, or big city vs small town, club vs theater, alcohol vs no alcohol. There are lots of parameters


3. Cowboy Junkies were formed in Toronto in 1985, that’s one hell of a run sor far. What’s the secret to keeping a project so vibrant and exciting all these years?


Keeping it fun. Keeping it profitable. Changing the approach with age.


4. What have been some of your favourite countries to perform in?


It's hard to say...but we wouldn't say no to a tour of Italy!


5. Who are some of your favourite artists to listen to whilst your travelling?


I dont usually listen to music when I travel. I get enough of it each night and need a rest from it during the day.


6. What kind of restaurants do Cowboy Junkies enjoy the most?


We don't generally have a type of food that we gravitate long as it is good and not overly priced we are happy.


7. What are your longest serving instruments, do you still have your equipment you used on your early records?


Yes. I still have the Fender Princeton amp that I used on our first album and the Gibson Howard Roberts guitar that I used. But these generally dont go on tour with me.


8. What can fans expect from your concert at Holmfirth Picturedrome on July 18th?


We'll be playing some songs from our new album "All That Reckoning" and a lot of songs from all periods of our catalogue.

Cowboy Junkies headline Holmfirth Picturedrome on July 18th
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