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I'm immensely excited to return to the UK. It's always super fun and refreshing playing there. 

14 December 2018

60 seconds with Avi Buffalo - Interview


TGC: Hello Avi, welcome to the TGC Blog, we look forward to hosting some shows for you in the new year! Are you excited to return to the UK in February? 

AB: I'm immensely excited to return to the UK. It's always super fun and refreshing playing there.  


TGC: How goes progress on your new release, we're big fans of 'At Best Cuckold', can you reveal any news about your release plans for 2019? 

AVI: Thanks for the kind words and I am working on some new stuff. I'm hoping to have something out soon, but I'm not sure when. I'm always writing and working on multiple recordings.


TGC: In May 2018 you sold out 2 shows at St Pancras Old Church, how we're those shows for you? What do you have planned for your appearance at Oslo Hackney when you return to London in February?

AVI: The St. Pancras shows were great, I loved the acoustics in there, and so cool that those shows sold out! For the Oslo Hackney show, I'm planning on doing a mix of new and old songs from my own song catalog, and possibly a cover here and there, as that can be very nice. I love playing electric and acoustic guitar for different songs and getting a variety of sounds, as well as writing in some space within my songs for improvisation.


TGC: Just to throw a curve ball at you, what's your favourite take-away food? Mexican, Indian, Chinese? 

AVI: I love all the foods mentioned and more, so I really can't choose a favorite, but lately what I've been eating a lot of is Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese food. California's a great place for food. There's always affordable and authentic Mexican food around, so there are lots of tacos and burritos that happen in my life. Also, I'm known to love a good cheeseburger, another strong California food staple (especially with bacon and avocado). 


TGC: Do you have any unusual pre-gig rituals you find yourself doing before a performance?

AB: I like to warm up on the guitar and do vocal warm ups before I perform for an audience. That really, really seems to help me! Otherwise, lots of water, maybe a couple snacks, a good night's rest beforehand, all that good stuff.


TGC: Thank you for your time, we'll see you in London, Leeds and Manchester in February. 

AB: Thanks to you as well. I'm really excited to play music for you!

Avi Buffalo 2019 Dates:

14 Feb London Oslo Hackney

20 Feb Leeds Brudenell Social Club

22 Feb Manchester Night & Day Cafe


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