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Under a Banner

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Under A Banner have been making powerful, passionate and poetic alternative rock for around three years. This ‘alternative’ folk-tinged band have forged not just another band but something in which people are becoming emotionally invested. The band features Adam Broadhurst- vocals and guitars, Jake Brooks – guitars and backing vocals, Simon Hill -bass guitar, Tim Wilson- drums, percussion and backing vocals, Kat Davis- keyboards. Career highlights for the band so far include supporting New Model Army; having their music used by the charity Safe World for Women and award winning Californian author Rachel Thompson; being played on BBC Introducing West Midlands and Shropshire, BBC Nan Gael, dozens of online and FM radio stations, including Stafford FM and the increasingly popular Wyldwood Radio; being featured in Indie Shaman magazine and dozens of popular music blogs including Echoes and Dust, Here Comes the Flood, House in the Sand and Their Music Cottage. The band continue to play as many gigs and festivals as possible and are gathering the support of literally thousands of loyal fans in their native UK. They are also beginning to build a following in Western Europe and North America but are also attracting attention and support from further afield thanks, in no small part, to a Twitter following which has exceeded 30000. The next phase in the history of Under A Banner will be dependent on a combination of Fate and bloody hard work.

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