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BBC is bringing Top Of The Pops back into their prime time line-up, but not with new episodes. Instead, every Thursday, viewers will be treated to an episode from the 1976 vault.

The long-running hit parade series, whose legacy spanned 42 years before going off the air in 2006, made a name for itself by profiling some of the most popular bands of the time in their weekly installments and forcing them to lip sync to their chart-topping hits.

Although the show debuted in 1964, the BBC did a shoddy job of archiving and admittedly lost and taped over some of the pioneering performances. They didn't get their act together until '76 and are now going to kick off this revival tour down memory lane tomorrow evening, by airing the episode originally broadcast the same day 35 years ago. Get ready for some ABBA, Brotherhood Of Man and The Wurzels. Or pray that this is all an elaborate April Fool's Day joke.

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