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The Sensible Grey Cells

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Dear one and all

One of Damned afficionados fave pursuits is debating which of the various lineups was the best. Certainly the one that produced the 'Black Album' and 'Strawberries' has got to be a prime contender. So with this in mind bassist extraordinaire Paul Gray and the best guitarist in Croydon (apart from Ralph McTell) Captain Sensible got together somewhere in the Welsh countryside with the aim of writing a bunch of new tunes about subjects dear to their hearts - in between visits to the local pub, of course.

Suitably fortified by foaming pints of excellent Timothy Taylor Landlord, the music and lyrics quickly took shape, utilising an eclectic bunch of instruments including 12 string guitars, hammond organs, harpsichords, sitars, and bouzouki's, giving a nice psychedelic eastern feel to many of the tracks. Keeping it real and roping in a tasteful drummer chum of Paul's by the name of Ant Thickett, a recording studio was eschewed in favour of a real garage, 5 mics, a bass drum kept in place by a Doc Marten boot, a bunch of duvets for sound proofing, and a laptop, sustenance in the form of tea and cakes provided by the lovely Kate, who also happens to contribute some piano to one of the tracks. Oh yes, and a 4 track cassette portastudio…

With a lovely natural drum sound to work with (all recorded in one day) vocals and overdubs were mostly done in Paul's kitchen, and if you listen carefully and you may be able to hear the chickens clucking contentedly in the background… 

Deciding narrowly against 'Savages With Banjos' for the band name they settled on "The Sensible Gray Cells', and with mixing and mastering duties undertaken by Steve "Goldenears" Davies, the results are about to be available to one and all…once all that stuff that doesn't actually involve the music is in place! 

Entitled 'A Postcard From Britain' it takes as its theme all aspects of life (good and bad) in the strange but wonderful country in which the band live. But do they name names? Indeed they do....

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