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The Drowns

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At such a stressful time to be a free thinking, open minded, open hearted person, The Drowns have come together to light a fire amongst those of us who still have hope in humanity. The three members have a combined 40+ years of punk rock experience fromtheir prior projects, Success, The Shell Corporation, and The Briggs.
Their debut album”View From The Bottom” is just that, a sign of hope. It’s a collection of energetic, passion fueled punk rock, drawing influence from the best anthemic punk bands of the mid to late 90s. The songs are positive, insightful, and catchy. With songs like “Eternal Debate”, and “Faithfully Faithless”, they lyrically point the finger at those who wish to oppress for their
own gains in these troubled times. With the spirit of albums like “And Out Come The Wolves” by Rancid, and “Hopeless Romantic” by The Bouncing Souls, this album is set to have you inspired and singing along in no time.

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