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The Doors Alive

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The Doors Alive is the No.1 tribute band to the legendary, Sixties, Californian rock guru's The Doors.

They re-create the sound, look, presence and feel of a real 1960's Doors concert perfectly and effortlessly, transporting the crowd back in time with such classic hits as 'Light My Fire', 'When The Music's Over', 'Riders On The Storm', 'The End' and many more.

The singer, Willie, captures the attitude, look and voice of the late, great Jim Morrison. And the other band members have honed the other Doors members playing styles note for note. To achieve that authentic Sixties sound, the band use the very same instruments that members of the Doors originally used.

These include a vintage Fender Rhodes Bass keyboard, a vintage Vox Continental keyboard and a vintage Gibson S.G guitar. They have wowed audiences all over Europe and the U.K, from Orkney to Berlin and back again, and have played - and filled - some of the most respected venues around. In short - they don't disappoint!

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