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The Cult + Masters of Reality

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The band have just released the first of their recent recordings on the newly formatted ' capsule ' collection. Rather than revisit the traditional method of releasing a long-form CD, the "capsule" is a collection of not just new music, but film, art and fashion. It will consist of new music 'Every Man and Woman Is A Star ' and 'Siberia ' ; live recordings from the recent internationally sold-out ' Love Live ' tour, as well as short film 'A Prelude to Ruins ' (directed by Ian Astbury & Rick Rogers). The capsule will be available in several formats including MP3 CD / DVD (DUAL DISC) and 12" Vinyl in limited quantities for a limited time. The first song 'Every Man and Woman Is A Star ' was debuted in the UK and released as an iTunes exclusive. Vocalist Ian Astbury explains


‘We are stepping away from the conventional system. By including new music, live music and a film, we are giving the audience the opportunity to own other creative visions. The Capsule is a way of delivering music in bites, quicker and fresher than in the context of an album format.’


The latest recordings were guided by legendary producer Chris Goss (Unkle, Queens of the Stone Age, Too Many DJ ' s, Masters of Reality). A mixture of violent guitars, emotive vocal performances with high melody and driving beats. In addition to producing The Cult, Goss’ band MASTERS OF REALITY will serve as the support for the tour. The group have a new album out entitled ‘Pine Cross Dover’.


After the massive success of the ‘Love Live’ world tour, it is now time for the band to bring their UK fans New Blood and Deeper Cuts, a set list that will consist of the band’s incredible new material such as ‘Every Man and Woman Is A Star’, ‘Embers’ and debuting previously unrecorded material, as well as  tracks that have never/rarely been played. On returning to the UK , Ian Astbury has the following to add:


We want to continue the long love affair with our UK audience and share some new music as well as some deeper cuts. The band is on fire right now.’


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