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The Co-operative: Glenn Tilbrook & Nine Below Zero

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‘The Co-Operative’ is the first collaboration between Glenn Tilbrook,  the amazing frontman of Squeeze, and the fantastic blues band,  Nine Below Zero.

 They have recently released a self-titled album, which includes five new songs, three covers, and three instrumentals.

 Clearly, for Glenn and Nine Below Zero, playing is all about enjoying the moment and it’s that desire and enthusiasm that sets them apart from so many of their peers. When you hear the set, you will see and hear a mix of Co-Operative, Nine Below Zero, Glenn Tilbrook and Squeeze songs. It doesn’t sound like either a Glenn Tilbrook gig or Nine Below Zero, but rather it’s a co-operative!

 Whether they are playing to a room of 50 people or a festival crowd, The Co-Operative get a huge buzz from playing and making music which marks them out as performers to be cherished.



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