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Sonia Leigh

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Long before she wrote her first chart-topping country single for Zac Brown Band or played her first rock & roll show or solo performance, Sonia Leigh dreamt up her own songs in her childhood bedroom.

Born in Florida, Sonia moved around frequently as a kid, spending time in more than five states across the Bible Belt and Midwest. It was a childhood filled with changing scenery and half-packed moving boxes, and throughout it all, music remained one of her only constants. Sonia ate it up, listening to everything the radio offered and mixing those wide-ranging influences — the country twang of her father's record collection, the guitar-heavy stomp of her mother's classic rock favorites, the angst of the developing grunge scene — into her own songs.

Years later, those genre-jumping influences are still on full display in Sonia Leigh's music, which makes room for everything from pop melodies and country storytelling to the no-rules spirit of rock & roll. "I grew up listening to country music with my dad, but rock was one of the biggest parts of the picture," she remembers. "I just loved it all, and I wanted to play it all. I was never someone who wanted to play only one style. I just wanted to play music."

She's kept herself moving, too, from her cross-country tours with country acts like Eric Church and Zac Brown Band to her own international performances in America and the UK. Back in her adopted hometown of Nashville, she's become a popular songwriter on Music Row, with a pair of #1 hits to her name — Zac Brown Band's "Goodbye in Her Eyes" and "Sweet Annie," both featured on the Grammy-winning album Uncaged — and a reputation as a writer who stretches country music far beyond its limits.

Yet Leigh saves the most forward-thinking music for herself: from the roots-rock swagger of her first Top 45 single, "My Name is Money," to her breezy summertime hit “Put It In Your Pocket,” she's carving a unique path that winds in and out of country music. Recent recording sessions in Los Angeles and London have found her branching out even further. Leigh has proven to be a shapeshifter, releasing the timely dark pop anthem “Live Like Ghosts”, the latest in a pair of singles featuring the mysterious Rob The Man. Her independent release “When We Are Alone” was featured in the hit television show Nashville and landed her a cameo.

Leigh is enjoying her independence, chasing down her muse no matter the direction it leads her. We’re lucky to be along for the ride.

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