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Sham 69

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Sham 69, originally from Hersham, Surrey, who were a huge musical and lyrical influence on the Oi! and streetpunk genres of the 1970's.

The band started their climb following the hit Borstal Breakout, this was just the start. After many appearances on Top of The Pops the band finally reached the peak with their most famous hit; IF THE KIDS ARE UNITED.

The band have had many line up changes since then and although now performing without original singer Jimmy Pursey, Dave Parsons - the original songwriter and Ian Whitewood are still in the band so the original spirit is holding true.

Sham 69 are still touring all over the world and consistently producing new material. Recent reviews suggest that they are sounding fresher than ever and these cockney cowboys are sure to put on a good show. They have the best line up to date and a constant heavy workload year in year out proves they still impress. They  are currently working on a new original album following the release of their Greatest Hits..which of course was a success in 2008. So get down and catch this cannot miss this!!!

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