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See Emily Play

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Rock star status is something that many musicians dream of and strive for, yet seldom few achieve. That very essence of becoming the beacon for an adoring public, whilst flaunting a boundless supply of talent, grace and gravitas, is on the horizon for the City of Sheffield’s latest and most exciting talent. Now is the time to See Emily Play.
Emily Ireland, 18 years of age, and a precocious talent. A new artist that values the power of piano and voice over gimmicks and glitz. A vocal range that can command attention in any venue and hypnotise an audience from the first to the last note. See Emily Play is going all out to show the world the power of song writing that is dramatic, yet earnest, powerful whilst delicate and lyrically imposing, thought provoking and totally captivating.
From the tender age of just 13, Ireland has drawn musical influence from such legends as Nina Simone, Fleetwood Mac and The Who; as well the contemporary sounds of Barenaked Ladies, Gaga and Ben Folds. A lifelong love of poetry and literature has heightened her awareness of the importance of meaningful prose, and the two combine with dramatic affect.

Intricate piano, thumping beats and frantic guitars meet heartfelt lyrics and an edge of anger that is seldom convincing in an artist this young - yet with See Emily Play you know that every note and every inference is 100% for real.
This is an artist who is not afraid of hard work. Having spent the last 18 months giving her time and vocal refinement to Jon Windle’s (ex Little Man Tate) live band, including recording on his eagerly anticipated 2nd album, it is now time for Emily Ireland to step out of the shadows and into the limelight.

Autumn 2011 sees Emily release her debut EP on Tiny Teeth Records. The agenda is simple, come and See Emily Play at a venue near you and discover for yourself an intoxicating performance that will leave you comparing her to the raw energy of Patti Smith, or the lyrical dexterity of Kate Bush. Her charm is infectious, her musicianship superb, her writing enthralling, and she embraces it all with a demeanour that will leave you in no doubt that Emily Ireland has everything it takes to achieve everything she aspires to.
Music is her lifeblood. A vital source of creativity, expression and freedom. Dark and passionate melodies combined with bitter sweet lyrics, all wrapped up and delivered by a voice that is simply breathtaking. Now IS the time, to See Emily Play.

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