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Roy Wood

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As a teenager, Roy joined local Birmingham band, Mike Sheridan And The Nightriders. They quickly became one of the most  popular and well-respected live groups around, touring the UK and making the then obligatory trip to Germany, taking up a residency at the Storyville Club in Duisburg.

In 1966, Roy along with Carl Wayne, Bev Bevan, Ace Kefford, and Trevor Burton  formed The Move, who were to become one of the most legendary, and indeed, notorious bands of the Sixties. After securing a residency at London’s Marquee Club, The Move picked up a record contract with Deram. Their first single, the Roy Wood song,  "Night of Fear" immediately landed the band in the Top 5, which set a precedent for nine further Top 20 hits over the next five years, all written by Roy.

The Move’s No. 3 hit "Fire Brigade" was followed by chart topping masterpiece, "Blackberry Way" before personnel  changes within the band led to the teaming up of Roy with Jeff Lynne. Whilst The Move continued to record four more hit singles and two albums, the Electric Light Orchestra was born to accommodate Roy’s burning desire to create pop songs with heavily classical overtones.


After co-writing and co-producing the first ELO album and taking the adventurous unit on the road, Roy decided to look elsewhere for a fresh challenge and a new direction. Experimentation with a stage costume to represent The Move’s hit "Brontosaurus" eventually evolved into the delightfully fearsome "accident in a paintshop" appearance of Wizzard.

Woody seemed to have heard the band’s sound in his head and interpreted it so boldly and literally with a visual image of wildly multi-coloured hair, bizarre face paint, and a dress sense that made Ziggy Stardust look subtle! The combined sight and sound of Wizzard was stunning; what the eyes could hear, the ears could see! Wizzard roared across the pop scene like Santa Claus on a Harley Davidson, scattering a well established musical sobriety in all directions.   


Some of Roy’s most recent ventures include playing with Cheap Trick at an all-star charity concert in New York and accepting invitations to perform live with the cream of artistes from a new generation, including Ocean Colour Scene, Paul Weller, Dodgy and Reeves & Mortimer whilst Mark Lamarr and Sean Hughes acclaimed Roy as an all time hero when he appeared with them on Never Mind The   Buzzcocks! Recently, Radio 4 devoted a documentary programme to his life, whilst a further example of the wide reaching respect commanded by Roy is his inclusion in the exclusive group, the Society Of Distinguished Songwriters along with all time greats such as Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Don Black and Graham Gouldman. Woody is a SOD and proud of it!

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