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Panic Room

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‘…They have the indefinable hallmark of greatness’
(Classic Rock Magazine)

PANIC ROOM are the stunning, award-winning rock band who have already been dubbed a ‘minor supergroup’!
Winners of Best New Band (2009 CRS Awards), Panic Room are led by stellar frontwoman Anne-Marie Helder, whose voice has been compared to Carole King, Kate Bush, Eva Cassidy, Jewel, and even male rockers Robert Plant and Jeff Buckley. Often described as ‘mesmerising’, her emotional vocals seem to ebb effortlessly between heavy rock, soaring epics and delicate ballads… all with an other-worldly grace.
But the band is made up of 5 world-class musicians, who are all incredible players in their own right – (indeed, gig-goers may also recognise Helder and drummer Gavin John Griffiths from the band ‘Mostly Autumn’)
And they all have a deep pool of experience and creativity at their fingertips.

But it is the fusion of their talents, and a wide net of influences and styles all brought into the mix, that really sets Panic Room apart. Their sound is truly unique.
Strong, edgy, and full of catchy hooks & choruses, there are future hit records a-plenty here… but listen carefully, and you’ll hear all sorts of flavours going on underneath too - jazz, blues, funk, folk, even classical!  And it’s this love of all kinds of music, experimenting and having fun with it, that really shines through in Panic Room’s sound.

Having released their successful debut album in 2008, Panic Room returned to the studio a few months ago, and 2010 sees the launch of their brand new album -  ‘Satellite’.

“Come into the Panic Room… lose yourself”.

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