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Night By Night

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Night by Night are a five-piece hard rock band from London, England, whose gripping sound fuses searing riffs with soaring melodies. This cutting-edge quintet combine the best of classic and contemporary rock, boasting irresistible choruses that are custom-built for stadiums. Stunning, 3-part vocal harmonies charge their sound and it’s this feature that firmly distinguishes Night by Night from the rest, all presented through a flawless production that casts a spotlight on the band’s superb musicianship. Imagine the heavy-weight riffs and modern crunch of Alterbridge with the infectious choruses and lush vocal harmonies of Journey, and you’re somewhere close.

Unlike other classic rock revivalists, Night by Night aren’t jumping on a ‘throwback bandwagon’. Their approach is unique and refined, updating the classic song-writing sensibilities to inspire three generations of fans. Furthermore, where other rock bands  sometimes tag on lyrics as an afterthought, Night by Night’s words are subtly crafted, telling tales of both hope and heartbreak.

Since their formation in 2008, the band have made giant steps, releasing two fantastically received EPs and have supported rock legends such as Y&T, The Quireboys and Kory Clarke of Warrior Soul.  They’ve toured the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Poland, with more international dates stretching into the future – all of this independently managed and financed.

Night by Night are now poised to make an enormous impact with their blistering debut album, produced by Romesh Dodangoda (Funeral For A Friend, The Blackout, Bullet For My Valentine). The first single release ‘Time To Escape’ is now available.

Intense and intricate, rocking and refined – Night by Night are pioneering a new wave of melodic hard rock.


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