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Mick Ralphs Band

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Mick Ralphs – guitar
Sam Kelly – drums
Son Maxwell – vocals and harmonica
Dick Baldwin – bass
Jim Maving – guitar and vocals

This is a band formed in the heat of a blues jam at High Wycombe’s famous (not to say infamous) Nag’s Head. We all had our heritages – you can see it the touches of grey – but we hardly knew each other.

It just seemed to work. Sam always brings that soul, funk and reggae consciousness to everything; Jim is a Deadhead, a dust bowl hero and an Americanian (Americano?) – ok, he likes American music. Son is a bluesman, Dick plays both Country and Western and anything else in between.

Mick is famous and successful, but doesn’t seem to mind.

So here we are, mixing things up and pouring them out to see how they feel. It’ll be bluesy, funky, soulful and groovy. Most of all it will be fun. Come and join in.

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