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Martyn Joseph

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Just when you think you’ve got a handle on singer songwriters, along comes Martyn Joseph to blow the myth away.....

There’s nothing predictable about a Joseph gig – only that it could make you laugh, cry, get you thinking, leave you reeling.

An acoustic artist with an electrifying spontaneity, this colossally gifted and gracious Welshman has five Top 50 hits to his name (including Dolphins Make Me Cry and Please Sir) and has been in demand on both sides of the Atlantic for over two decades. Touring both solo and with the likes of Ani DiFranco, Art Garfunkel and Jools Holland he has won fans everywhere with his uncanny melting pot of material which ranges from rock to blues, jazz, Americana and even, “funk folk”!

A mean guitar player with a powerful voice, Bob Harris has praised the ”outstanding lyrical intelligence” of his songs while he was voted Best Male Artist in the BBC Welsh Music Awards.

Like his acclaimed new album that subtly deconstructs some of his best-loved numbers (a 4*MOJO album of the month), Joseph has “evolved” into a consistently mesmerising performer. Shades of Springsteen, Knopfler and Dave Matthews there may be - but Joseph is unique and no two shows are ever the same.

He has an enviable high level connectivity with his audience whether it’s an arts centre in his native Wales or a 5,000 strong crowd at the Royal Albert Hall. His gigs are like taking a rollercoaster ride with a chameleon as he dips and dives between mighty and meek songs, railing against the broken promise playground of global leaders, throwing in some wry humour, holding tight to common man anthems and then “disarming” for unexpectedly fragile love songs that can knock you sideways.

It might be just another evening when you go in to a Martyn Joseph concert – but it certainly won’t be when you come out.....

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