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Manfred Manns Earth Band

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Classic 60's & 70's R&B flavoured melodic Rock....having steered his bands through four decades of musical changes, from the sixties whereby Manfred Mann, the band, enjoyed a string of no less than 18 hit records including three number Ones in the UK: "The Mighty Quinn", "Pretty Flamingo" and "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" Manfred Mann went on to form the Earth Band in 1971 finding a platform for most of his musical output since then. From 1971 to 1975 the Earth Band produced six albums, each one showing a band growing in direction and strength. Amongst these was the now classic "Solar Fire" from which was taken the top ten hit "Joybringer" and the Bob Dylan penned "Father of Day." It was however through the live concerts that Manfred Mann's Earth Band built a worldwide reputation as a Great Rock Band and in 1975 The Earth Band's version of Bruce Springsteen's "Blinded By The Light" reached Number One in the U.S. Billboard charts and was a huge worldwide hit, as was the album that followed - "The Roaring Silence".
Although "The Roaring Silence" was a hugely popular album worldwide, going Gold almost everywhere, it was the next album a year later simply called "Watch" that is considered along with "Solar Fire" to be classic Earth Band. As well as the hit singles "Davy's On The Road Again", "California" and "The Mighty Quinn" "Watch" featured live favourites such as "Chicago Institute" and for many the ultimate Earth Band anthem "Martha's Madman", another song still featuring in the live shows.  

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