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Magnum, who regularly breached the Top 40 of both the singles and album charts in
the Eighties and early Nineties, came together in the Midlands in the mid-Seventies
and released their debut album 'Kingdom Of Madness' in 1978, followed by 'Magnum
II' in 1979 and their first live album 'Marauder' in 1980. During this period they toured
relentlessly with the likes of Def Leppard, Blue Oyster Cult and Judas Priest.

1982's 'Chase The Dragon' album was the first to go Top 20, and was accompanied
by a sold out UK tour. 1983's 'The Eleventh Hour', 1985's 'On A Storyteller's Night'
and 1986's (Roger Taylor produced) 'Vigilante' album all fared similarly well but it
was 1988's 'Wings Of Heaven' LP which really broke the band into the mainstream,
going gold, breaching the top 5 of the UK chart and spawning three top 30 singles -
'Days Of No Trust', Start Talkin' Love' and 'It Must Have Been Love'. During this
period the band regularly graced the stages of such venues as Hammersmith Odeon
and major UK Festivals as Reading and Castle Donington.

1990's 'Goodnight To L.A.' album also went Top 10, spawned the Top 40 single
'Rocking Chair' and was accompanied by a tour of the UK's Arena circuit, including
venues such as Wembley Arena and the NEC. 1991's 'The Spirit', 1992's
'Sleepwalking' and 1994’s 'Rock Art', were followed by the announcement of the
band’s demise and an extensive farewell tour, during which the band's 1996 live
album, 'The Last Dance' was recorded.

Clarkin went on to work as a producer and songwriter for other artists, brought out
two albums with Bob Catley in Hard Rain ('Hard Rain' in 1997 and 'When The Good
Times Come' in 1999), and generally recharged his musical batteries.
Then, in the summer of 2001, Magnum reformed and began writing their February
2002 released ‘Breath Of Life’ album, released 8 years after ‘Rock Art’. "It was
particularly inspiring for me to write and produce new material for Magnum,” Clarkin
enthused at the time, continuing that "Compared to the Hard Rain tracks, the
Magnum compositions are powerful, deeper, and more passionate.”

2004’s ‘Brand New Morning’ album was an even more accomplished body of work,
and won over a host of new fans, as well documented on the ‘Livin’ The Dream’ live
DVD, recorded in the UK in 2005, and released in 2006. Both ‘Princess Alice and
The Broken Arrow’, released in March 2007, and ‘Into The Valley Of The Moon King’
Magnum’s 2009 studio album, proved how, like a good wine, this band just gets
better with every year.
Classic Rock’s Philip Wilding reviewed Magnum’s album, ‘The Visitation’ in Classic
Rock Prog’s February 2011 issue, stating; “Latter day Magnum have settled into their
respective musical skins, more experimental, more mindful, a better band...The
production’s lush and dense, the nuances are subtle and understated, and they can
still take a tilt at Radio 2 playlists in songs like ‘Wild Angels’... Everything here feels
denser and more thought out, less ambiguous...Songs like the opener ‘Dark Skies’
and ‘Door To Nowhere’ give the impression they are intended to convey something
and raise a point, and Magnum are all the better for it.”

On ‘On The 13th Day’, the cover of which will once again be created by famous
fantasy artist Rodney Matthews (Asia, Nazareth, Eloy), Magnum more than step up
to the plate to deliver an even more accomplished body of work than ever before!
2014 brings a new album and new tour. Magnum once again set to deliver a fine
crafted album with their trademark sound and more. The new album titled "Escape
from the Shadow Garden" will be released March 2014. Followed by UK & EU tour.
'Sacred Blood "Divine" Lies', which also debuted at number 2 in the Rock & Metal
chart and at number 6 in the Indie chart on release on Steamhammer / SPV, is a
notably heavier, harder offering than its much acclaimed predecessor, 'Escape From
The Shadow Garden', and is packed with even more of Magnum's massive
trademark rousing rock melodies.

2016 saw Magnum back in the studio once again. From this came the album
Sacred Blood Divine Lies. 10 brand new tracks forging forward the Magnum sound.
With the collaboration once again with Rodney Matthews artwork the release came
with bonus videos and bonus tracks. Never to let anything out of their hands without
that extra effort Magnum push the boundaries to give their fans an album worth
getting your hands on and not just for the music. Followed by an extensive 33 date
2016 tour in EU, UK & Ireland and then again a Winter tour appearing at a select few
UK & Irish venues.

After a conversation between Tony and his daughter discussing
all the ballads the band had in the catalogue, wouldn’t it be a great to re-release in
some way an album full of Magnum ballads? Tony talked to SPV and they agreed.
This turned out to be a longer process than anticipated. As once again Magnum were
not just going to release old songs in a new guise, many songs undertook a lot of
treatment to remix, re-master and even re-record complete songs. The new Ballads
album titles “Valley of Tears” was released 6th January 2017.

Summer 2017 sees Magnum once again return to the M2 studios to start work on the next studio album. While the band continue to appear around the mainland EU and the UK festival circuit the band continue to record.
The new album titled " Lost On The Road To Eternity" is provisionally set for release for January 2018. This will once again be followed up by an extensive tour.
As usual Rodney Matthews has been commissioned to do the cover artwork.

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