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Lucy May

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The Uk's Newest Country Star - Terry Wogan BBC Radio 2

Born in Sidcup, Kent, Lucy May grew up listening to music from the 60s, in particularly Motown and The Beatles, in an environment where all her family share a love for music. “My dad listens to music nonstop, my Nan loved performing cockney songs, like ‘Doin’ the Lambeth Walk’ and ‘Burlington Bertie’ at family get-togethers”. The family are all from Lambeth, South London.  Studying  Musical Theatre and Performing Arts at the Brit School deepened Lucy May’s love of country music “I was listening to all sorts of music but I love being able to tell a story with plain & simple lyrics and melodies and I’m excited how country music can appeal to anyone, young or old.”
Performing in restaurants, bars and at weddings to “help fund what I do musically” Lucy started her own website and became more active on Twitter. “I noticed that I was being followed on Twitter by a company who have been behind hits for LeAnn Rimes and Keith Urban so I messaged them asking if they wanted to work with me. We met up and the next thing I knew I was in the studio with Greg Fitzgerald who has worked with many amazing singers” (Kylie, Madonna, Hall & Oates, and Jessica Simpson).
Lucy released her debut single ‘Paper Heart’ in 2013, which made the Radio 2 B list and is a fine introduction to Lucy and her raw talent.
‘Paper Heart’ first made the airwaves when it was released by ‘Stealing Angels’ the American country group which includes Jennifer Wayne, the Granddaughter of John Wayne, and Tayla Lynn the granddaughter of Loretta Lynn. “When I first heard ‘Paper Heart’ I loved everything about the song – the melody, catchy hook and the lyrics.
Added to the Radio 2 playlist ‘Paper Heart’ has received praise from many of the presenters including Sir Terry Wogan who has tipped Lucy May to be the next big UK country star.  “That was obviously really flattering but I know I have a long way to go and need to work really hard to realise my dream. I admire people like Adele, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Dusty Springfield, true artists that have worked hard in the careers”.
Lucy May has been holding down two jobs plus live work where she has managed to get enough money together to fund herself to go to Nashville twice in the last eight months to work with some of the contacts she had made previously at the CMA summit in Paris.  She’s been working in the studio with multi award winning songwriter and producer Jeff Cohen and also sang on some stages during the CMA festival week last year.
Lucy May is currently writing, playing live and will be putting the finishing touches to her debut album which will be released this year.
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