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Late Night Legacy

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Heart thumping, Jaw dropping, Spine tingling FUNK ROCK band based in LEEDS.

This young, charismatic, high energy Funk Rock band joined forces in early 2015 with a mutual love for creating and playing original uplifting funk rock that has "both young and old moving along to their blasts of infectious, speedy rock’n’roll gold."
They have the look, drive, determination and work ethic to go the distance. Their jaw-dropping high energy and explosive live performances have earned a remarkable catalogue of festival gigs just months after the band formed, all of which have asked the band to play again in 2017 as well as being heavily featured by bloggers, magazine journalists and reviewers in attendance of their live shows.

LNL's live shows are often compared to the relentless high visual energy of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, unrivalled vocal power of Rival Sons, and catchy melodic riffs reminiscent of the great Jimi Hendrix and John Fruscante. The musicianship, originality and memorable stage presence of this band has led to them to be featured by every reviewer/magazine in attendance of their set.

' It's like @LNLegacy went to school where the only teachers were Hendrix and the Chili Peppers ' - The Loop Artist
‘ A proper feel good bounding track‘ (Of Our Times) - BBC Introducing
' One MUST-SEE act! ' - Mytacism Music
‘ Late Night Legacy have become my go-to suggestion to all hoping to remain on the cutting edge of great new music. Effortlessly cool and hometown heroes ' - GoodnightTheSkye
' Red Hot Chili peppers Vibe with hints of Incubus and Hendrix in there.The front man himself looks like Heath ledger built out of stone ' - Brumby F.

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