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John Reilly

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Back in the early nineties, John Reilly was part of local band Ministers Of Inspiration. During the day he was busy training and riding dolphins at the Tibshull Aquatic Centre. He joined forces with bass player Andy Needham, added the guitar skills of Pete Hiley, and drummer Darren Ford and Boy On A Dolphin was born.

Adopting the above philosophy, their music began to touch those that came into contact with it. It is a blend of melodically and wonderfully crafted song writing that melts into thought provoking lyrics. All this is topped with a rich musicianship. There is a warmth, an uplifting sense of belonging, and an intimacy to their songs that somehow makes you feel you know the band personally, and they you.

The songs can be moving and intensely personal, quickly identifying whatever mood they find you in. With Barkers Pool To Thunder Bay (Art Music) all those elements combine to produce an album of sheer quality. It was that quality that attracted Sam Feldman, the co-manager of Bryan Adams, to the band. He heard a Boy On A Dolphin demo whilst driving his car and had to pull off to the side of the road.

Performing at Sheffield’s modest venue The Pheasant one moment and the next they were flown to Canada where they signed to Atlantic. Their debut album Words Inside was mixed in Bryan Adams’ house. Rave reviews duly followed as they toured the States and Canada. Suddenly their music was being heard on television series Due South, Dawson Creek, and on films. Their song “Fire” was the most widely played non-Canadian song on the country’s radio.

Back in the UK John interlaced his success with Dolphin by forming and lending his voice to the hugely popular band Acoustic Angels, who very rarely played to an audience that wasn’t sold out in advance. After three studio albums with Boy On A Dolphin, John is now focussing on a solo project. He is currently recording an exciting new album and performing stripped down acoustic concerts with Canadian pianist, songwriter Lewis Nitikman. John has also just finished writing all the songs for the new musical \'Personal Demons.\' with musician/producer Steve Beighton. Keep your eye out for new shows appearing very soon.

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