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Happy Mondaze

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The WORLD's only Happy Mondays tribute band, a band destined to recapture the party vibrancy of the early nineties

Within days of filming a quick video of Kinky Afro in a cold Stockport rehearsal studio (once inhabited by the Mondays themselves) they were already touted by Monday’s sticksman Gaz Whelan as “Better than the real thing” (Twitter).

A small handful of months and some great shows later Happy Mondaze has turned from a bunch of strangers with a common love and respect of the Happy Mondays, into a band of friends who're on a right BUZZ!

Whilst re-capturing , re-appreciating and re-living the spirit of the Mondays at their finest hour, Happy Mondaze re-tell the story and some would say in a more polished and groovy setting… The Happy Mondaze have arrived, and are here to stay!

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