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Gunwood isn't just a regular power trio, it's a blend of powerful rock, folk and blues with strong vocal harmonies. Imagine Nirvana inviting Crosby, Stills & Nash on a road trip from Ireland to the Mississippi Delta. Jeff, Gunnar and David are multi-instrumentalists and singers, who have turned three-part harmonies into one of their music's main tools.

These bearded men from Paris (France) have known each other since they were teenagers. David (drums, keyboards & vocals) and Jeff (bass, banjo, blues harp & vocals) met in high school and have played together ever since. They later joined German songwriter Gunnar, adding a solid base to the lead singer's rough voice and delicate, but sometimes furious guitar sounds.

"An elegant adventure; a hybrid of Celtic, Garage Rock, Folk and blooming good Blues" - Rolling Stone Magazine FR

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