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Funke and the Two Tone Baby

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Funke and the Two Tone Baby
Reacclimate Tour 2023

Funke and the Two Tone Baby has been existing on the peripheries of the grassroots circuit for over a decade. Those hidden, vibey corners of fields where the sounds of raw, unfiltered and uncharted music float through the air and make you spin on your heels to go searching for its origin. You stumble into a tent to discover that the band you thought you heard was actually just one guy, drenched in sweat, tearing through a bank of electronics, hammering a battered guitar, and producing enough energy to power the audience into a frenzy. This is Funke and the Two Tone Baby.

Fast forward to 2023 and what was once the hidden corners of fields has become the main stages. From the biggest ever opening crowd at Beautiful Days Festival in 2022, to his 1,000th show on this year’s Greenpeace Stage at Glastonbury, Funke is snowballing his way across this year’s festival circuit and beyond.

Funke combines electronic elements of live manipulated drum machines, synths and DJ effect triggers and meshes them seamlessly together with the more organic sounds of acoustic guitar, blues harmonica and powerful vocal dexterity, with sharp, poetic, socially conscious lyrics. His sound has been fully updated, captured and re-invigorated on his forthcoming album.

‘Reacclimate’, Funke’s first album in 5 years, will be released on 20th October 2023 on ‘Rum Runner Records’, the in-house Record Label of UK Top 40 charting Dutty Moonshine Big Band.

To celebrate the release, Funke and the Two Tone Baby will be embarking on his largest ever tour with a brand new show. After having played at some of the UKs finest festivals on the biggest of stages during the summer months, Funke will be primed for match ready to perform the best show you have seen all year.

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