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Francis Dunnery

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Francis Dunnery (born 25 December 1962, in Egremont, Cumberland, England) is an English musician. He was a founding member of the 1980s band It Bites. Although he started on drums, he later became the lead singer and guitarist of the group, and maintained this position until he left in 1990 to pursue a solo career.

Dunnery manages his own record label called Aquarian Nation, which is part of a multi-media company formed in 2001 with the stated mission to "help support and promote artistic integrity." Artists affiliated with this label (including Francis himself) are Chris Difford, Dorie Jackson, John & Wayne, John Gilmour Smith and Stephen Harris (aka Haggis and Kid Chaos, formerly of The Cult and Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction).

The label has recently released "Snowman Melting", the first solo album by James Sonefeld of Hootie and the Blowfish (June 2008).

Recently released is a live CD from the "Man" tour as well as an official video bootleg from the same tour titled "In The Garden Of Mystic Lovers". Aquarian Nation has also announced an on-going partnership with Flying Spot Entertainment for the creation of original film/video programming. Currently in production is a special edition concert/documentary DVD from the 2008 Tall Blonde Helicopter tour tentatively titled "Louder Than Usual"

October 3rd, 2009 saw the release of a CD entitled "There's a Whole New World Out There" by Francis Dunnery and The New Progressives (featuring Tom Brislin, Jamie Bishop, Paul Ramsey, Brett Kull, and Dorie Jackson). Other contributing artists on this release include Phil Campbell, Luke Machin, Theo Travis, John Mitchell, Simon Rogers, Peter John Vittesse, Flamman, Tony Beard, and Nathan King.

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